East german 7.62 x39 ammo

Is it hunting season yet??  Maybe not, but there's never a wrong time to zero your rifle or perfect your cartridge load.  At East Coast Reloading Supplies, we understand how serious you are about precision shooting, and that's why we strive to provide you with access to the highest quality rifle brass on the commercial market.  Not only do we hand inspect our once fired rifle brass casings before shipping them to you, but we also invest a considerable amount of time into vetting our suppliers to ensure that the rifle brass you are receiving is actually "once-fired," and not corroded casings that were pulled from the mud seven years after being shot at an outdoor range.  If there are any rifle brass calibers that you do not see on this page, please email or call us.  We may be able to find the reloading brass you need.

Pyroxilin is a single base propellant used in nearly all medium caliber Russian ammunition.
It consists of a mixture of soluble and insoluble Pyroxilin that is mixed in a precise ratio and treated with alcohol and ether. The nitrocellulose Pyroxilin is made of wood fibres and strong nitric and sulphuric acid. This rough nitrocellulose is formed into a gel by alcohol and ether or by acetone. To stabilize the nitrocellulose the stabilizer "Diphenylamin" and "Zentralit" are used. They neutralize the acids that are formed when the propellant ages. Those acids would increase the decomposing process. Soluble Pyroxilin is nitrocellulose with 12 - 12,4% nitrogen and soluble in alcohol and ether. Insoluble Pyroxilin is nitrocellulose with 13,2 - 13,5% nitrogen and it is insoluble in alcohol and ether. 
The grains and tubes of Pyroxilin powder are yellow or yellow-brown and insoluble in water.
Russian powder is sometimes coated with graphite as protection against static electricity.

East german 7.62 x39 ammo

east german 7.62 x39 ammo


east german 7.62 x39 ammoeast german 7.62 x39 ammoeast german 7.62 x39 ammo