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► Binay Curtis' Bandit was 5 years old with a lump behind her ear. It had been checked before, but started to be a concern since it seemed to change size. Diagnosed as mast cell, it was immediately removed. Bandit came home crying in pain with a stomach getting bigger. Fearful of bloat, she went back to the vet's office for monitoring through the night. No bloat, but I never learned why this happened, perhaps drinking too much water, or maybe a response to the anesthetic. In an attempt to learn to avoid more MCTs, I visited the oncologist. The reading material wasn't much more than the information in this article. She basically had a "That's a Bernese Mt. Dog for you" attitude. Four months later, I found another MCT on the side of her body. It was removed, it was Grade I, but we had the vet use a different anesthetic, and had Bandit monitored by the vet overnight. Three months later, two more tiny bumps, one on her side and two on her chest. We shaved her down and searched everywhere, found 8 lumps in all. I marked them with liquid paper for the vet, all were removed. Most were MCTs, Grade I, some were unclear, and some were fatty tissue. Bandit recovered well! Desperate to stop the onslaught, we considered doing chemotherapy. But because of the stomach problems that Bandit has, and because the tumors were all Grade I, we opted against this. We also visited a holistic vet, tried some herbal therapies, but stomach problems prevented any of their use for very long. MGN3 was the only one she could tolerate. The holistic vet seemed to feel that the stomach problems may have something to do with the MCTs. The mainstream vet insists that the cancer is not systemic, the tumors are all Grade I, nothing in the bloodwork to indicate a problem. She also indicated that MCTs can come and go, so Bandit's may have always been present and we simply finally found them all. Bandit has been on venison and potatoes for 2 months since the surgery, she is doing well, her energy levels are up, and we haven't found another lump! Bandit has had a few mast cells removed - all grade 1 in the past year since surgery. Since they've all been grade 1, our vet tries to remove them with a "punch hole" biopsy. This way, she can send it to the lab and can determine if the punch hole was enough (because of margins), and, if not, more surgery. If so, we're done. This works a lot better than repeated surgery.

State and local leaders have also made it clear they’re fighting the decision and will continue to fight climate change, with or without federal support. The Climate Mayors Agreement is a commitment between now 8o+ cities including Austin, Palo Alto and San Francisco to ignore Trump’s March executive order that weakened the Clean Power Plan , which would have compelled states to set power plant emissions reductions goals. They want to keep those goals intact. Several of these same cities have jointly signed onto former Mayor Bloomberg’s new plan, which is a coalition of cities, states, and companies who plan on coordinating with the UN directly to come up with carbon emissions targets.

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Edge labs canada steroids

edge labs canada steroids