Injection sites for steroids

The Harvard study has minimal demographic information about the users of the site. One important question (for suburban sites) is how far are addicts willing to travel to use an injection site, and how will they get to the site. The Harvard study makes it clear that the area already had a high concentration of addicts. Another question is the impact on crime in the area. Well accepted data show that opioid addicts primarily depend on crime to finance their habit. The Vancouver neighborhood studied is described as “Canada’s poorest postal code, is home to ‘a large, open drug scene; a large homeless population; deteriorating housing, including dozens of single-room occupancy (SRO) hotels; and an active sex trade.’ After the injection site was opened, the increase in the local crime rate was described as “not substantial.”

One traditional approach to preventing SQL injection attacks is to handle them as an input validation problem and either accept only characters from a whitelist of safe values or identify and escape a blacklist of potentially malicious values. Whitelisting can be a very effective means of enforcing strict input validation rules, but parameterized SQL statements require less maintenance and can offer more guarantees with respect to security. As is almost always the case, blacklisting is riddled with loopholes that make it ineffective at preventing SQL injection attacks. For example, attackers can:

Injection sites for steroids

injection sites for steroids


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