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Official statement on behalf of Dennis James and Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssbiay / IFFB PRO - Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssbiay reg. their attendance at Sheru Classic 2013:
"This is an official statement on behalf of big Ramy and myself to all our fans in India. I know lots of you guys expected us to be in India this weekend and I want to let you guys know that it was our intention to be there for all the Indian fans as you can see that we both went and got our visas to India.
The reason me and Ramy decided not to attend the Sheru Classic is simply that the promoter did not follow thru with what we agreed on and that is the only reason why we will not be there and why Ramy will not guest pose at the Sheru Classic. Maybe if the promoter or everybody else who is involved in the future acts like real professionals and stick to what they say they will have more success in what they do.
Again I apologize to all the Indian fans and I hope you guys understand that this is not our fault." -- Dennis James
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The story goes like this. Aangrish met the couple at a bodybuilding competition organised by his firm. After the event, he hired Kris to train Hrithik for Krrish 3 and fixed his salary at R. 20 lakh a month, with a 25 percent commission. Later, he hired Marika to train the Roshan family with the same remuneration as her husband. However, the duo wasn’t paid at all. So, Kris approached Hrithik and told him about the payment issues. The Krrish 3 actor soon paid him some of the amount due directly. However, his wife is still chasing people to get her money for training the Roshans .

Marika johansson gethin steroids

marika johansson gethin steroids


marika johansson gethin steroidsmarika johansson gethin steroidsmarika johansson gethin steroidsmarika johansson gethin steroidsmarika johansson gethin steroids