Olympic runner steroids

In March 2006, television spots featuring Johnson advertising an energy drink , "Cheetah Power Surge", started to receive some airtime. Some pundits questioned whether Johnson was an appropriate spokesperson for an all natural energy drink considering his history of steroid use. [25] [26] One ad is a mock interview between Johnson and Frank D'Angelo , the president and chief executive of D'Angelo Brands , which makes the drink, in which he asks Johnson: "Ben, when you run, do you Cheetah?" "Absolutely," says Johnson. "I Cheetah all the time." [27] The other commercial includes Johnson and a cheetah, the world's fastest land animal, and encourages viewers to "go ahead and Cheetah." [27]

For years, Rashid Ramzi has been representing Bahrain in the Olympics while running the 800, 1500, and 5000 m races. He is a well known track and field athlete, though before his disqualification, he was widely supported. Before coming to Bahrain, Ramzi competed in games for Morocco, but in 2002 he joined the Bahraini army and gained his citizenship. Ramzi’s first win came at the 2002 Asian Games in Busan where he won gold in the 1500 m run. Three years later he won 2 gold medals in the 800 m and the 1500 m at the IAAF World Championships in Helsinki. This made him the first track and field star to be able to win 2 gold medals at the same competition. A year later he won silver at the same competition in Osaka. Ramzi’s career was continuing to grow and eventually he qualified to play in the Olympics.

Olympic runner steroids

olympic runner steroids


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