Oral tradition definition

According to David Kay, “in 1991, through the successful exploitation of a legal loophole, the assets of Manjushri Institute finally fell under the sole control of the Priory Group” (the close disciples of Kelsang Gyatso). [14] In the Spring of that same year, Kelsang Gyatso announced the creation of the ‘New Kadampa Tradition’, an event which was celebrated in the NKT-Magazine Full Moon as “a wonderful development in the history of the Buddhadharma.” [14] In 1992, the Manjushri Institute developed a new constitution [27] , which constituted the formal foundation of the NKT. The Manjushri Institute was renamed the Manjushri Mahayana Buddhist Center [9] , and later the Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre. Since then, it has remained Kelsang Gyatso’s home and the NKT’s flagship center. [28]

tradition , from . tradicion (1292), from L. traditionem (nom. traditio) "delivery, surrender, a handing down," from traditus, pp. of tradere "deliver, hand over," from trans- "over" + dare "to give" (see date (1)). The word is a doublet of treason (.). The notion in the modern sense of the word is of things "handed down" from generation to generation. Traditional is recorded from ; in ref. to jazz, from 1950. Slang trad, short for trad(itional jazz) is recorded from 1956; its general use for "traditional" is recorded from 1963.

The Catholic Church teaches that Tradition is a safer and clearer guide in religious matters than the Scriptures. It teaches that "Tradition is the way Christ's Church understands and lives his teachings" (Christ Among Us, p. 167). Therefore since the "Bible cannot be understood alone" it is necessary to refer to the Traditions of the Church in order to properly understand God's will. IF this is true, WHY did the Bereans in Acts 17 11 after hearing two "official spokesman" for the church STUDY THE SCRIPTURES to see if what Paul and Silas had taught were true? Remember we will be judged by God's Word and not the traditions of men (Jn. 12:48).

Oral tradition definition

oral tradition definition


oral tradition definitionoral tradition definitionoral tradition definitionoral tradition definitionoral tradition definition