Steroids post extubation stridor

Opioids can also be used in this situation for pain, but be aware of the potential side effect of chest wall rigidity. Rigidity is more often described with high doses of fentanyl and in pediatric patients, but cases have also been reported with standard fentanyl dosing and in adults [14]. It can cause muscle rigidity affecting the chest wall, which interferes with mechanical ventilation. If you suspect this side effect in concurrence with decreased ventilator compliance (and lack of another cause like obstruction, tube dislodgement, etc.), stop the opioid and give naloxone. [9,13]

The work required to initiate and sustain gas flow from most modern microprocessor-based ventilators is negligible and can be adjusted through selection of trigger modes, either pressure or flow, and selection of breath types. However, even more critical is the imposed WOB created by artificial airways. Care is required in the selection of a properly sized artificial airway and also in maintaining its patency with appropriate bronchial hygiene procedure. Inadvertent narrowing of an endotracheal or tracheotomy tube, from accumulated secretions or compression, will result in a profound increase in patient work.

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Steroids post extubation stridor

steroids post extubation stridor


steroids post extubation stridorsteroids post extubation stridorsteroids post extubation stridorsteroids post extubation stridorsteroids post extubation stridor