Tbol cycle log

SECTION III INSTALLATION PROCEDURES Installation should be performed by competent technicians in accordance with local and state codes. In the absence of these codes, the installation must conform to applicable American National Standards: ANSI - LATEST EDITION (National Fuel Gas Code) or ANSI/NFPA NO. 70-LATEST EDITION (National Electrical Code) or in Canada, the installation must conform to applicable Canadian Standards: CAN/CGA--M91 (Natural Gas) or CAN/CGA--M91 or LATEST EDITION (for General Installation and Gas Plumbing) or Canadian Electrical Codes Parts 1 &...

Day 3:
Felt lethargic today, not too much energy. I got home, jumped in the pool, showered, and laid on my bed with the fan blowing on me for hours. Gained 2lbs, but this is just a mild fluctuation of weight.
Squats: 135x10; 185x10; 225x10x10x10 ; 185x10 ; 135x10
Day 4:
Felt good today, had a bit more energy than normal, even after having sex an hour prior. Shoulders and traps stayed pumped up much longer than normal. Today at work I was moving filing cabinets and the biâ??s got swollen in a matter of seconds. My arms look like theyre getting fuller, but im probably just imagining.

Tbol cycle log

tbol cycle log


tbol cycle logtbol cycle logtbol cycle logtbol cycle logtbol cycle log