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In January 2014, Novartis announced plans to cut 500 jobs from its pharmaceuticals division. [53] In February 2014, Novartis announced that it has acquired CoStim Pharmaceuticals. [54] In May 2014, Novartis bought the rights to market Ophthotech 's Fovista (an anti- PDGF aptamer , also being investigated for use in combination with anti- VEGF treatments) outside the United States for up to $1 billion. [55] Novartis will acquire exclusive rights to market the eye drug outside of America whilst retaining US marketing rights. The company agreed to pay Ophthotech $200 million upfront, and $130 million in milestone payments relating to Phase III trials. [55] Ophthotech is also eligible to receive up to $300 million dependent upon future marketing approval milestones outside of America and up to $400 million relating to sales milestones. [56] In September 2014, Ophthotech received its first $50 million phase III trial milestone payment from Novartis. [57] In April 2014, Novartis announced that it would acquire GlaxoSmithKline 's cancer drug business for $16 billion as well as selling its vaccines business to GlaxoSmithKline for $ billion. [58] In August 2014 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News reported that Novartis had acquired a 15% stake in Gamida Cell for $35 million, with the option to purchase the whole company for approximately $165 million. [59] In October 2014, Novartis announced its intention to sell its influenza vaccine business (inclusive of its development pipeline), subject to regulatory approval, to CSL for $275 million. [60]

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Surgical oncology  comes under the field of  surgery  applied to  oncology , which involves the surgical management of  tumours , mainly  cancerous tumours . The goals of the surgical oncologist are to remove the cancerous cells and keeping an area of healthy tissue surrounding it, also known as a clear margin or  clear excision , in order to prevent the cancer from that recurring in that area. Sometimes it is difficult to remove the whole tumor, so therefore a  debulking surgery  can be done to remove as much as tumour as possible and to relieve symptoms such as pain, airway obstruction, or bleeding.  Surgical oncologist  are also called as general surgical oncologist,  thoracic surgical oncologists , subspecialty of  general surgery ,  gynecologic oncologists  experienced  in treating  the cancer patients. The Ewing Society recognised today as the  Society of Surgical Oncology  was started by surgeons interested in initiating and promoting the field of oncology. Complex General Surgical Oncology was given by  American Board of Surgery , specially ratified as specialty Board certification in the year 2011.

Tokyo labs steroids

tokyo labs steroids


tokyo labs steroidstokyo labs steroids