Turbolinux 10

H - 76 odsIncludedExtensions .,acm,app,arj,asd,asp,avb,ax,bat,bin,boo,bz2,cab,ceo,chm,cmd,cnv,com, cpl,csc,dat,dll,do?,drv,eml,exe,gz,hlp,hta,htm,html,htt,inf,ini,js,jse,lnk,lzh, map,mdb,mht,mif,mp?,msg,mso,nws,obd,obt,ocx,ov?,p?t,pci,pdf,pgm,pif, pot,pp?,prc,pwz,rar,rtf,sbf,scr,shb,shs,sys,tar,td0,tgz,tlb,tsp,tt6,vbe,vbs,v wp,vxd,wb?,wiz,wml,wpc,ws?,xl?,zip,zl?,{* # Specify whether executables should be scanned. If a file has any # user/group/other executable bits set, it is scanned regardless of the file # extension. # Possible values: # 0 - No # 1 - Yes odsScanExecutables 0 # Determines whether some paths (either files or directories) will be...

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Turbolinux 10

turbolinux 10


turbolinux 10turbolinux 10turbolinux 10turbolinux 10turbolinux 10